Saturday, May 3, 2014

Things that can't be underestimated

Hi all, I took some time off from racing and cut my mileage way down - oh, the value of a running break- I can't recommend this enough.  I took a break from a lot of things, actually.

I failed at my dream to break 1:45 in my January half marathon, and that's ok.  That race was physically painful for no good reason, so I cut my mileage in half for a few months, and feel renewed now.  I'm slower yet happier and I'll stay here for a while, please!

D moved to Kansas in January and I'm leaving El Paso soon too, but as a geographic bachelorette right now I have more time for running than I want.  And I've gathered a few thoughts, even (no one is surprised).  I have more time for this neglected blog, too.  

My only item of furniture may be a leaky blue air mattress but at least I have the internet still!

Don't worry, Nug will soon be reunited with our Pack Leader...she's counting down the days (until we visit Kansas) on all her extra, vestigial toes.

The chickens, well, they are heading to a friend's farm until we have a backyard again...not a euphemism, I promise!

I missed you, about as much as I miss having a washer and dryer in my own home.  Immeasurably!

The laundry monster is holding my laptop hostage - here goes, a post via iPad? Let's!