Sunday, July 28, 2013

Trailing it in the heat

I am in San Antonio still...and it is hot...and as promised I have been trying to re-visit some of my favorite running spots, in between all the fun, nay, character-building training the army has prescribed.  And I do mean character-building in a most Calvin and Hobbes sense...

I squeezed in an afternoon run at the Salado Greenway.  It was stinkin' great!  I refuse to bore you and myself with any more thoughts on my sub-par pace.

The path is wonderful.  Wide, well-marked, paved, with benches and mileposts.  I don't like to run with my cell phone in all the humidity since I am an unnecessarily sweaty gal, but here's a pic of the trailhead where I started, near Oakwell Farms.  Yes, yes, it's taken from the cool and breezy womb of my car, before the onslaught of the summery air-soup.

Green as can be!
I like to run 1.5 miles north to the Tobin Park Trailhead, near an overpass of I-410.  There is also a water fountain here, and a doggie water fountain.  And some information placards about the local flora and fauna.  Mountain lions?  Really??  I haven't seen one yet but I have seen the stoic heritage live oak shading the trails.  "Heritage," of course, bestowed only on the live oaks over 100 years old.  Or so I think.

From there you can veer left and follow the path all the way to McAllister Park or LBJ Park.  Which are both great runs, but for cooler, more clement days.  As in not July.  But what I like best about running the Greenway year-round is the absolute difference in ambiance that even a casual observer like me will notice.  Overwhelmingly verdant in summer, and in January, it's as bleak as the moon.  The autumn colors (and whatever color autumn is, it's definitely my favorite) are as sharp as anywhere I've seen, and the springtime is just steeped in possibility as the plants are bursting with color...and pollen.  Achoo!

This trail system is truly a prize.  It reminds me of home, the Emerald Necklace encircling the city of Cleveland.  Bash the "mistake on the lake" as you will, but I aver that Cleveland is one heck of a great place to live.  I hope to write a post from there soon!