Tuesday, July 30, 2013

We Run San Antonio: August 2013 Pub Run

No races in the near future for me, and though this is not entirely a plan of my choosing, it's a great opportunity to explore more relaxed/social running events that I would otherwise bypass.  Also, one of my goals for this summer is to take a break from my anxiety-junkie lifestyle and realize that if I run at a casual pace now and then it won't kill me or my training and I might just get to see my friends more often, too.  So far so good!

As one is wont to do on a Tuesday afternoon, my mind wandered to the weekend, so far culminating in a Friday night with some friends and a great plan to venerate the finest decade there has ever been at the 1980s-themed We Run San Antonio Pub Run.  I've never done one of these runs even though they've been a San Antonio tradition since 2008.  

I just can't resist the chance to jog with leg warmers, Ronald Reagan t-shirt and a side-ponytail with some good friends and a brew or two.  Come join us!  It's free!  You don't have to drink any adult beverages!  It will change your life!  Or at least overpepper it with "!" 

6:30 pm meetup, 7:00 pm run start at Pat O'Brien's, 121 Alamo Plaza, SATX 78205.

If you can't make it this month (and I wouldn't hate you for it, it's a toasty one for sure) there is a Pub Run on the first Friday of every month, each with a different theme...maybe I can twist your arm enough and get ya there in September.  To entice you further I'll do a recap and post web-approved pictures of nonsense after the run.

Hope to see you there!