Friday, October 18, 2013

McKelligon Canyon Run, 6 months later

Autumn in the high desert, as interpreted by my cell phone
 Oh my gosh, has it really been six, SIX!!! months since I ran this gorgeous route?  

Nah, but it's been half a year since I brought my phone on a run with me (hence the lack of race selfies, or really any race pix at all).  

I don't know if you've noticed, but iphones are expensive and you can't trust the weather (I have an 11 year old BS in meteorology, and that's the sum total of what I remember). 

I've been out of town for about 4 months, and intermittently before that since May, so I haven't been running this route as much as I'd like.  I had some time today to fix that!

Rounding the first bend, atop the first hill

Whenever I run here, I have to wonder why there's no official race held here in the Canyon.  The scenery and facilities lend themselves to a great event.  It's a well-known, low-traffic, centrally-located, and well-loved route with a built-in amphitheater along a 5-mile loop.  Perfect!  And there are myriad causes out there of which awareness must be raised, I'm sure.  For example, I'm very aware that there's no road race at McKelligon Canyon!

Who wants to encourage a race here?  Me!

Miles and miles of the ribbon of road...mmmm!

Have I mentioned the scenery?  It's not too different from the pictures I took in spring.  Though, to me, this October, El Paso looks richly verdant.  Well, for El Paso:

Looks pretty green to me!
And if you're picky, there ya go, some more fall splendor! Yellow aster-looking things!
In other news, I'm heading back to San Antonio next week for the remainder of the fall....!  Just when I was settling in, too....sigh.

Perhaps upon my return to the Alamo City I will do more running and less stopping-and-taking-pictures-ing.  It's good to have goals :)

Perhaps the race theme should be LITTER awareness!!  boo.