Saturday, August 3, 2013

San Antonio Pub Run Recap!

Friday was an early work morning for all of us, but that didn't deter a great night: my first go at a Pub Run!  Jenny, Hillary, Mark and I and 1000 of our new friends enjoyed the San Antonio Pub Run together across downtown San Antonio.

We had to hurry from work to the start, luckily easily identified by the streams of neon-clad folks circling towards Pat O'Briens.  We made it by 7 pm and the party was already in full swing.  Mullet wigs, leotards, leg warmers, guitars and headbands for everyone, why not.  We had an unofficial Hulk Hogan citing, and for sure Pee Wee Herman was well-represented, but his likeness still creeps me out.

Finally putting a reflective belt to a good use!
 The 10+ bars and clubs we visited were a great slice of San Antonio and well chosen both in location and theme.  The drinks were (thankfully) a little weak in some places, but we weren't gunning to lose our  motor skill or memories so we maintained a fairly wholesome alcohol : water ratio.  A midnight stop at the County Line BBQ kept our strength up, and much thanks to our fellow diners for accommodating our festivities as part of your evening.

Here's the thing about clubs and bars and me:

Hot Mess Recipe
But something magical happens when you have running clothes don't really care about your hair and makeup and sweatiness quotient (mine is really high) and instead there's much much much more room for fun. 

He called, Jenny, but you were stuck in the 80s and hadn't come back yet

 Highlights of the evening/morning included the fantastic relaxed and safe atmosphere, great bars without cover charges, and participants who did not mind Jenny accosting them with her gratis and real-time clothing alterations.  Parking might have been an issue had we not driven together and found a garage to stash the car in overnight for about $18.00.

Pub Run conclusions:

1.  Wearing workout clothes to a club: 100% fun and eliminates 99% of d-baggery
2.  San Antonio is a gem -- the greatest tourists and citizens and the most copacetic traffic
3.  County Line BBQ is the best, I don't care what you say
4.  I can still hang out until the wee hours with adult beverages and have a productive next day, thirty schmirty!
5.  I could not have done this without my iPhone, Location Services I love you.

We will be back next month!  I don't expect the same turnout or the same level of high spirits, but with a theme of "college sports" I know that it will still be a great experience.

Strangers, AKA best friends for the duration of a picture