Sunday, August 11, 2013

MRE, no questions answered

I have been eating lots of these recently:

What do the numbers mean??
I do not like this fact.

I do not eat most of the things that come in this Meal, Ready-to-Eat package.  And I definitely am not interested in heating any of it up with the neato water-activated heater that is in every package.

It took me a few days, but taste-wise I learned to go the vegetarian route, meals which can be easily acquired through trading, like candy trades among children on Halloween.  Yes, I was the one who would give you a king-size Snickers for a measly Chunky.  No one is surprised I didn't pursue a degree in business.

I ate the peanut M&Ms that were in here, same with the crackers:

Not so bad!
I don't know how these are made, but my veterinarian friend tells me they are regularly inspected for food safety.  By veterinarians.

I seriously crave fresh veggies.

The urban (field?) legend is that each MRE, if you ate the whole thing, is approximately 2000 calories.  There is nothing on the outside package that verifies this, and I haven't saved enough wrappers to do the math on the individual packages of food.  I am not able to run or exercise as before, so I am excessively wary of anything that has 2000 calories in it- not a problem, it's easy to give the more delicious contents of these meals away (refer to the aforementioned Chunky Situation of 1988). 

NUMBER 13!!!! MREs you taunt me with your enigmatic code...
I do admire the creative MRE menus that I see, and I love the condiment packages: moist towelette, toilet paper, sugar, instant coffee, salt, maybe a packet of hot sauce.  MREs from years ago included a teeny bottle of Tabasco sauce, a cute thing that always made me smile.  It's gone, but so are the Charms candy, an improvement now that I see Skittles and Peanut M&Ms instead.

I know there are some MRE aficionados out there...tell me, which one is your favorite??