Sunday, August 11, 2013

River City Run...5K jog tour of San Antonio

Last Saturday morning, just a few wee hours after the Pub Run, my pals and I decided to re-trace our staggering steps with the help of River City Run.  I now know of no better way to appreciate the history and culture of San Antonio while burning off the previous night's celebratory indulgences, which are a must when we are sweating away every sodium ion living in tents during the week for the next several weeks.
Hillary, Me, Mark, and Jenny + reflective sweat puddle beneath me = the start
River City Run starts at the Alamo at 0800 sharp where we met up with our lovely guides Tommy and Tina who took us on a 5K running tour of some of San Antonio's greatest treasures, embellished with well-researched and entertaining information to share with us at our stops along the way.  I saw the city in a way I never had, even though I used to call SA my home.

Running *is* yay
I really admire Tommy and Tina's low-overhead business model and I would do this tour again especially since return customers get to enjoy the tour for free.  I'll bring D if he is ever able to visit while I'm here since I know we'll take a trip to Magnolia Pancake Haus afterwards.  

I'd recap all the things Tommy and Tina shared with us, but I'll save that for the pros and their great tour of this great city.

The tour is $30, includes a t-shirt, water bottles during/after the run, and digital pictures.  Worth it for sure, even in the record-breaking summer heatwave.  We were able to park in a lot charging $5/3 hours which was plenty of time- the River City Run took just under 2 hours.

Torch of Friendship
 I also used the Pub Run and River City Run (clean laundry is for suckers) to try out my birthday present to myself..the Lululemon Pace Setter running skirt in white and black stripes and polka dots.  I love it.  It's got great pockets- large enough for phone, keys, credit cards, gels if need be.  Great silky, moisture-wicking feel.  Undershorts were comfy without cutting off circulation.  Cute enough to wear as a sporty skirt even when not running.  Hate the $58 pricetag, hence the birthday present part.  Everyone who has worn one loves these skirts, I'm no different.  If you have the cash, and are willing to try out a running skirt, you might like this one.  I do.  But I won't buy another for a long while unless I win the lottery or, even more unlikely, find a Lululemon fire sale..