Saturday, November 2, 2013

Sun exposure

90 miles to go, 10% of the way to my 100 miles-in-November goal.

Today was the most beautiful Texas fall day yet.  It pains me to be indoors writing papers, and I hated that a ran on the treadmill today.  But I choose the treadmill often for a lot of reasons.

Usually, I run very early in the morning.  It's not yet light out, even by the time I finish.  And I don't want to risk getting hit by a car or running into an unsavory character.  I'm not that fast!

I'm very wary of sun exposure after my time in our hospital's dermatology clinic.  One poor soul required 10 shave biopsies in a sitting.  And due to his previous occupation as a truck driver, the preponderance of the suspicious skin was on his left arm and left side of his face.  

We are getting far more sun than we think!

Among other factors, it's our life-time cumulative sun exposure (UVA and UVB) that contributes to our risk for melanoma, the most lethal type of skin cancer.   I've lived in Colorado, Miami, Georgia, and all over Texas.  I've spent lots of time in the Middle East.  These are some sunny places and I've had some sunburns. 

Also, I use acne skincare products- both oral antibiotics and topical gels- that increase my skin's sensitivity to sun exposure.  I won't go outside at all without sunscreen and the idea of going for a run, though it'd be such a treat on a day like today, is just asking for trouble.

There are some times when I can't avoid going outside for work but I do my best to cover up.  Even though we are into fall, I'm still cautious about my sun exposure.  Don't forget how easy it is to get a sunburn even when skiing all day!

In other news, I started a Real World Runner Facebook page.  

The signing up for which immediately reminded me why I left Facebook a year ago:

1.  I had to submit more personal information than the NSA would ever dream to acquire

2.  I'm not interested in "likes" or popularity or cute memes or formulaic ways to sell myself.  That's what my day job is remind me I'm unliked, I've already sold my soul to The Man, and that all stereotypes are true :)

3.  I don't want to be inundated with a million pictures of babies or dinner salads.  I think we could all do to be a little less hyperinformed.

So this is probably a short-lived dalliance.

Anyhow, tell me how you avoid the sun?  My favorite is SPF 70 sportface sunscreen.  And also nighttime.