Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Blah running, good eggs, fast math

3 miles / 23 min on the treadmill early this morning...felt blah!  Another 5.25 this evening...which was just another lesson in "mobility is motility" for my poor GI tract.  I've also been feeling lead-legged for the past few weeks.  I am going to stick it out by breaking up workouts into a morning piece and an evening leftover.  We are in the mid-90s now and the drain of the heat is only going to get worse.  I do not do extremely well in hot weather...gross understatement...I fade when it's over 70...luckily El Paso has 0.00413% humidity...thank you high desert!  My next race is the Mayor's Marathon in Alaska (June 22), not a coincidence :)  I'm doing the half with Dan and some friends who are lucky enough to still live in Alaska.
Meanwhile we are shopping for a new chicken coop as our girls have outgrown their current home, originally intended for bantams and not our two chunky seven-pounder free-rangers who are now 14 months old and still laying 9 eggs in 10 days each.  I did not grow up with poultry as pets but they are so easy to care for.  "What won't the chickens eat?" is a pretty popular game in this house, yes of course we avoid giving them foods or items that could be dangerous.  Nugget is completely uninterested save for their food/poop...which is a magic cycle between dog/hen...guess how that works before you let Nugs lick your face.

I warn you, invite me to your home and I will show up egg-handed.  I would love to overnight eggs to anyone curious about organic fee-range eggs and their crazy golden/orange yolks!  With just 2 hens we no longer need to buy store eggs, not that we expect these chickens to start paying for themselves.

Actually, a few days ago I wondered if/when we could expect to break even on our hen friends here (they are strictly egg layers for us, not meaties) and surprise of surprises, we are in fact losing $1.00 per month per bird!  However, we derive at least a dollar a day in chickentainment so hush hush or they'll shove a bill under the back door.

So to bide my time and soothe my miserly side, I am still looking for good egg recipes... Also looking for neater handwriting, faster miles, and some discipline to do some studying!  Oy!