Monday, May 27, 2013

Four workouts and a trip

I recently returned from a week in Milwaukee, my first trip ever to Wisconsin.  I loved it.  It was May, and it was refreshingly cool outside, which is not true of most of the places the army sends me.  

First of all, the descent into the airport reminds me so much of going home to Cleveland, but with a ninety-degree tilt to it, what with the lake to the EAST of the city, but still, I maintain a soft mushy midwestern spot in my heart for the Great Lakes, what with their zebra mussels and walleye and memories of my childhood.  

My week was spent in intensive preparation for the board exam I am taking on 17 June.  To write any more about that would jinx me, and to write any more about that is also evidence that I should be studying instead of...writing...but be that as it may, Milwaukee was wonderful.  For the airport alone!  Here, the evidence:
  1. There is an officially labelled "Recombobulation Area."  For reals.  Where one recombobulates with one's footwear and other belongings after passing through security.  Don't think it's a real word but it certainly should be.
  2. There is a second hand bookstore, Renaissance Books, in the airport, which is so great, because the prices are reasonable, the selection astounding, and the place was just massive, not one of those crowded places with bestsellers/self-helpers only.  This place had rare books/first-editions, too.
  3. Ping-pong table in the middle of the terminal.  Awesome.  Sorry to the kid and his dad who were playing, I ran into you not knowing of the table of greatness ahead of me.
  4. Cheese, real cheese, for sale in the airport gift shops.  To include cheese curds.  I had quite the snack.  Did not manage to save any for Dan, or the 3H delay I had in my layover in Las Vegas.
I did manage 4 running workouts while in Milwaukee, thanks to the well-appointed workout center in the hotel.  I was also combating a super-annoying ulcer, so the workouts weren't too energetic or pretty (a good match for my digestive system) but I got up and did them and I am plenty happy with that.

Workout 1: 6 miles at 8:12 min/mile
Workout 2: 2 miles, alternating slow/fast for each 0.25 mile.  totally subjective workout.  love.
Workout 3: 4 miles, good pace for me at the time, just about 8:30 each mile
Workout 4: 1 mile.  I felt like death. Did some squats and arm workouts in the weight room.  Mostly just felt like death though.

Happy to be home!