Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Late add 5K (Saturday!) Join me!

Today I hope to recruit some friends (plan: pepper everyone with texts) for a last-minute 5K on Saturday benefiting the Lee and Beulah Moor Children's Home, an organization I would like to support as we pursue this process.  Dan's childhood was a messy transience in and out of foster homes and now that I've adopted him, supporting children's services and adopting a little buddy of our own are high on the priority list.  

The last official 5K I ran, the Ft Bliss Turkey Trot (T-giving week, 2012) was my fastest in recent years - I surprised myself with a 2nd place age-group finish.  Dan still gave me a ride home even though I wasn't fast enough to win the first-place Butterball turkey prizes.  And we had a great Thanksgiving dinner with friends even without a guess-how-I-earned-these-vittles story. 

Not expecting great things on Saturday but I'm curious to test myself as I have been focusing on distance running lately.  I use that term loosely of course, I mean, geez, 18 miles this week so far...woowee...I know you actual Distance Runners are doing that each day...half day...whatever...good for y'all :)

Race registration hereMuch appreciate the student/military discounted entry fee!