Monday, May 27, 2013

Race Report: Fort Bliss Army 10-Miler Qualifier

This is easy for me to talk about.  This race was 10 May, aka too soon (3w) after the SLC marathon.  I finished in 1:20 and some change but my L knee was nagging the whole way as it has been for about 6 months. I ran this same qualifier last year the week I first arrived at Fort Bliss and "made it" (top 3 in each age group by gender) so I felt compelled to do it again, plus it earns points for the Commander's Cup plus I'm just one of those people who would feel like doodoo if I didn't do it again plus I think my boss was expecting me to run as well.  So, in sum, I ran faster than last year, felt worse, still made it to work in time, and earned some unit "points" for the hospital.  I feel like the hospital just runneth over with excellent runners, which in my age group (30-39, women) is totally true- the two girls ahead of me were RATHER MORE THAN SLIGHTLY AHEAD.  But try I will- the re-qualifier is in August (oh my the heat, the heat!) and I hope I am in town to defend my position and I hope those other gals are not.  My excuse is that I am a student, and soon I won't be, and once I pass The Big Test (17 June!) then the running and training shall truly begin.  Here's hoping.  In other news, I ate this today.  All of it. Browned butter will change your life.