Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Happy National Running Day!

How did you celebrate?
I ran 5 miles...with +Lacey Rainone; so great to have a running buddy even if we are 2 time zones apart.

I decided on an easy run at Chuck Heinrich Park, a great park with a large grassy expanse (rare find!) tucked into a quiet neighborhood.  There is also a playground for kids, a war memorial, and a walking path.  This is the gateway to the city's best mountain biking trails, shared between the Franklin Mountains State Park and the edge of a giant cattle ranch.  

I love that at this time of year, it's plenty light enough to run by 0600.
Never too early to get a sunburn in El Paso
 The desolate landscape inspires me to run well as there's not much else to rely on out there:
This landscape is making me thirsty
Thanks +Lacey for celebrating with me, I wouldn't have been so diligent about getting the miles in without you!

Happy running all!