Sunday, June 2, 2013

Track meet: Haley

My friend Haley is an audiologist and she's awesome.
She also used to live on a poultry farm so she appreciates the goodness of a good egg, so of course we were destined to be friends! 

Staged photos?  Not in my world!
 We are about the same height (5'2") and build (read: we don't look like pro runners but don't let that fool ya) and she has taken some time (years) off from running to become said audiologist and develop her practice (responsible adult, what what).  She has faced some health problems and recently quit smoking and I couldn't be more thrilled for her and her quest for fitness.

She's challenged me to pull her back into the running world and finally this morning we met at the track to get a quick workout in.  

I hate the track. 

I wouldn't have shown up without Haley meeting me there; good thing we didn't car pool as we would have strayed towards Starbucks or breakfast instead.

It was brilliantly sunny.  And hot already.  We were slathered in sunscreen, wearing hats, sunglasses, etc.

Not wanting to start the week with heat stroke, we did a quick workout:
1.5 miles around the track, quick on the straights, slow on the curves.
Followed up by 4 miles at a medium pace.

And to bide our time we talked about ossicles and acoustic neuromas of course.  Actually we share a lot about our quest for motherhood...2 nulliparous gals in their 30s, well, there's just a lot of room for bonding there.  

We had a great time, sun prevention efforts worked, no one pooped their pants, success all around.

What advice do you give to a friend who is trying to get back into running?  I'm the shallow end of the knowledge pool...