Saturday, June 1, 2013

Race report: Lee and Beulah Moor Children's Home 5K

I know I've never been to a casino this early in the morning when it hasn't been the continuation of a night's festivities, but no ponies here today, just the Sunland Park Racetrack and Casino hosting the Lee and Beulah Moor Children's Home 11th Annual 5K which was a fun event, well-supported and well-organized with a good showing from the community.  I liked the 0800 start time and same-day registration since I couldn't make it to packet pickup yesterday.

As you'd expect there were lots of kids participating in both the 1 mile racetrack walk and the 5K run.  I was hoping the 5K would take a lap around the horsetrack too, but nah.  Save that for the Flying Horse Half Marathon.

Last night I'd baited Dan with the idea of breakfast out at D'Lox after the 5K, but my personal cheering section looked like this when I left home this morning...  

20lbs yet hogs the bed the minute I leave!
Geez D this race is to support your people, but my big foster kid decided he'd stay behind; he had a pretty thick week at work.  Nug agreed to be in charge, so I journeyed solo across the Mountains and therefore we are low on pictures...

At the start/finish: music and enthusiasm from cheerleaders and a marching band as well as a radio station and some fun characters:

Kids run with such unabashed joy.  I feel bad for the negative thoughts I was having about the cloud of kiddos swarming haphazardly during the race, but geez, could I be more a grump? This was a 5K supporting families in I got my brain back on track and considered running with more joy myself, but then I thought of the Prancercise youtube video I'd seen (what in the what!) and decided instead that I do ok with my current modicum of running happiness.

Running up for his medal!
No PR, but I had a great run and ended up 1st place in my age group.  I celebrated with this:
FFCMFTW! I drink this every day in the hospital cafeteria!
Other post-race treats included donuts, oranges, apples, bananas, bottled water...and door prizes (lots of them!) like restaurant giftcards etc.

I will do this race again and with a possibility of donuts at the end, I'm pretty sure D will run next time, too!  Thank you for the military discount at registration!

Happy weekend running and racing to all!  Any great local 5Ks out there for anyone else?

Time to run less and take care of the backyard more