Sunday, June 9, 2013

Perfect sports bra: found it!

This struggle to find the perfect sports bra is very close to my heart (ha, ha) and I'm happy to report success!  I received a sports bra as a lovely gift (last Christmas) -- the best bra I've found yet -- the Lululemon All-Sport Bra.  I waited these months to really assess it fairly and I can say it's made a significant difference in the long run (oh geez another pun) in terms of chafe-age.  I suffer from perennial left-sided underboob chafe and short of a new ribcage or other drastic anatomic alteration, it will always be there as part of my running gestalt, though lessened, thanks to Lululemon. 

Not so tight that it cuts off thoracic circulation, and chafe-free!
My go-to sports bras are from Champion and Reebok.  I find them at Marshall's or Target, about $12-$18.  They are ok, but regardless of the brand, I get the left-sided chafe and they will stretch out after a few months of use.  They are then downgraded for road biking or lifting weights or other less impacting activities. 

I save my Lululemon bra for my longer runs when I know I'll be hurting and bleeding out the front of my shirt (so gross!) and even just wearing it conservatively (once or twice weekly), it's made a difference and my chafe area heals much faster.  I also like the ample coverage, smooth seams, and fun colors on the cross back.  The fabric is smooth and silky yet completely supportive and I look forward to my longer runs now because this bra is a ta-ta treat!
fun colors to distract from the unkempt bedroom eh
That being said, there's a pretty steep price tag ($52) and so I only own one and I probably won't buy enough of these for daily use, though I would like to receive another for my birthday (hint hint, D).  The size runs true (I'm a 34B - size 4 in this bra) and for me, it's a great fit, less chafing than any other bra I've worn throughout the years.  This is the only Lululemon product I own as their prices are quite intimidating, and while they garner positive reviews across the board, I'm happy to save half my money and purchase most of my daily running accessories on Amazon or at Target. 

In the future, I for sure would skip bras like this $33 bra from Adidas/Sports Authority:

It's almost as expensive as the Lululemon All-Sport and while made of the fabulously wicking Adi-tech fabric, it is super tight around my ribs and not-so-supportive where it counts.  I bought it a year ago in a hurry without any familiarity with their sizing charts so I'll accept blame, but I'm not sure that a size smaller (or larger) would have fit me better. 

What are your splurge products that you love?  Or how about a sports bra that you love?  Any other suggestions for ameliorating chafe?  I can't be the only one....