Saturday, June 29, 2013

Fridge fess up...part of the overhaul!

I thought I'd take a big step in our friendship and open up my refrigerator to you, from top to bottom.  As you know I am undertaking a training/everything overhaul because of my pace dropping so precipitously.  I think I might as well take some advice on my fridgie-fridge and see how I can improve my running by doing better with the foods I eat, too:

3 types of coffee creamer and skim milk on the top shelf, good priorities in this house!
Cottage cheese, eggs from our hens, blueberries, choc pudding, greek yogurt
Sugar free Red Bull, Spicy V8, Sprite...could be worse
Apples, string cheese, cauliflower, broccoli...
Cilantro, grapes, limes, sandwich thins (love em)
Yep, we bought cartons just for our own eggs...people receive them better this way
TWO pounds of butter, nutella, mustard, PB, salsa, key lime juice
Relish, jalapenos, pickled okra, garlic, applesauce, more mustard, more salsa...
Water filter, low sodium soy sauce, raspberry jelly, salad dressing, balsamic vinegar
2 types of ketchup, BBQ sauce, maple syrup, choc syrup, rice vinegar, more mustard
Yes, I store a lot of food in the pantry (pasta, soups, grains, cereals, nuts, chocolate etc) but I'd like to know, how does my food stack up?  Is this a good start for a healthy running diet?  My junk food taste is more savory than sweet (hence all the salsa and chips) but I won't lie to you, those 2 pounds of butter are going to end up in cookies this weekend.  I don't think my fridge is that bad but I admit, we do share a lot of produce with the hens and we eat elsewhere for lunch everyday since we are at work.  Also I was on a big hotdog kick while studying hence the crazy variety of condiments for two people.

Because we eat at work or out for lunch every day, we don't eat a lot of meat or fish at home, and if we do, I buy just what we are going to cook for that particular meal.  With only the two of us, stuff often goes bad before we can use it so it often goes to the hens instead of into my tummy.

Maybe next I'll share the pantry with you but I'm too short to get good pictures without dragging furniture into the kitchen, easier to wait til D is home, eh?